The highly valued Skövde Career Program is back!

Career Program is a self-development training program suited for international professionals in Skövde or another Municipality within the Skaraborg region. The program is also open for Master students. It is free to participate. Application deadline March 1 and the program begins on March 12.

The program is suited for international professionals and Master students at University of Skövde.

Career Program is a self-development training program suited for international professionals in Skövde or another Municipality within the Skaraborg Region. The program is also open for Master students at University of Skövde, ready to pursue a career in Skövde or another municipality in the Skaraborg Region. The program is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to prepare you for the Swedish job market.

We have invited external speakers that are experts within their field. They will talk about Swedish business culture, the recruiting process and  how LinkedIn can be used as an important tool in your job search. See all sessions below.



The program begins on March 12 and consists of eight sessions. Each session will last 3 hours which will include time for discussion and networking.


Skövde Turistcenter, Welcome House, Stationsgatan 3 B, Skövde.

Cost: It is free to participate in the program. However, there is a no-show fee of 500 SEK.

Diploma: To receive a diploma, you commit to attending at least five out of seven sessions.

Registration: Register here!
Application deadline March 1.  
Addictional information:

The space is limited to 30 participants. Everyone is welcome to apply, however we reserve the right to prioritize professionals with an academic background and students within the fields of engineering and IT/tech.

The program is in English




March 12, 4 pm-7pm
Welcome/Introduction,  Get to know the program, - your fellow participants and meet an international talent who shares their journey.

March 19-20, 4 pm-7pm   NOTE! TWO OCCASIONS
CV, cover letter and interview process.
Marie Sandman, Senior Recruitment Consultant, and public speaker on this topic.

April 2, 4 pm-7pm
How to use Linkedin for job-search, networking and to build your brand.
Sabina Johansen, FeelAct

April 9, 4pm-7pm
Start your own business.

April 16, 4 pm-7pm
Business Culture - Intercultural Competence.
Christina Rundkrantz, BBI Communication

April 23, 4 pm-7pm
Labor market, shortages, where do I find open positions, unemployment insurance and Unions. 

April 30, 3 pm-6pm
Meet a local employer, learn about plans and comptetence needs.

The Program is preliminary.
With reservation for changes!