Compulsory School

The Municipality of Skövde’s compulsory schools offer children a great environment to learn, develop and be creative.

You may choose a municipal school or an independent school for your child’s education. There are 20 municipal Compulsory Schools in Skövde. Elemantary and middelschools have a Day Recreation Center available for after school hours.  

Compulsory School is mandatory for children between the ages of six- and sixteen-years old. This means that children are obliged to attend school from the fall semester the year they turn six years old (start preschool class) until completion of the spring semester the year they turn 16 years old (finish 9th grade).  

If you would like to locate the nearest school to your home address, please use the map below.
Link to the map.

To register your child to attend school please fill out this form: 
Link to the form.

Mother Tongue Tuition

Pupils in Compulsory School and Compulsory School for pupils with intellectual disabilities should be offered Mother Tongue Tuition if the following criteria are met: 

  • One or both, of the child’s caregivers have another mother tongue than Swedish.
  • The language is used for daily communication and interaction in the child’s home.
  • The child has basic knowledge of the language


If five or more pupils are requesting Mother Tongue Tuition in the same language the Municipality is obliged to offer tuition granted a qualified teacher is available.  For Mother Tongue Tuition in minority languages such as Finish, Yiddish, Meänkieli, Romani chib or Sami there is no minimum requirement to start tuition.

The Municipality is also obliged to offer Mother Tongue Tuition to children who are adopted and have a different mother tongue than Swedish, even if the language is not used for daily communication and interaction in the child’s home. The pupil must have basic knowledge of the language.

Please follow the link below to apply for Mother Tongue Tuition:

Form for Mother Tounge Tuition

E-service for Mother Tounge Tuition


Please contact the Municipality Contact Center if you need additional information or have questions!