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SFI - Swedish for Immigrants

SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) is a qualified language course for individuals who need to learn basic skills in the Swedish language – you will learn both oral and written communication. The course is free of charge. Language skills will help you integrate into the society faster as well as making it easier to handle daily matters.  

What are the requirements to get accepted to SFI?  

  • You must be a registered in the Swedish Tax Authority’s population register as a resident of the Municipality of Skövde or the Municipality of Tibro 

  • You have a complete Swedish Personal Identity Number “personnummer” 

  • If you are from a country within the EU/EES you may start SFI before obtaining your Swedish Personal Identity Number. 

How do I register and when can I start SFI?

Registration is flexible and courses start continuously. Please follow the link to register for SFI: Intresseanmälan SFI which you can reach by clicking here. If you don´t have a Swedish Personal Identitu Number but are from a country within EU-EES please call th Municipal Contact Center and we help you getting singed up.

Upon receiving your registration, we will contact you to set up a time complete your enrollment.  

Please contact SFI through the Municipal Contact Center at 0500-49 80 00

Swedish for Immigrants for Ukrainians covered by the Temporary Directive:

Individuals from Ukraine covered by the Temporary Protection Directive who are interested in studying Swedish at Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) are now welcome to join an informational event. The event will include information on how to apply, the registration process and available starts dates. Applications are be submitted during the event. There will be staff from SFI, interpreters speaking Ukrainian and integration officers from the Municipality to assist at the event.  

You don’t have to register for the event in advance. We will meet by the reception at the main entrance, Wennerbergs gata 2.

Date and time:
Wednesday, April 12 at 10.00am
Wednesday, April 12 at 2pm

For additional information: Svenska för invandrare (SFI) (

Student Counselling 

At SFI you can meet with a Student Councellor to get advice on educational programs and career choices. Please make an appointment by contacting the Municipal Contact Center at 0500-49 80 00. Student counselling is free of charge.  

Start learning Swedish on  your own

If you don’t qualify for SFI yet or if you prefer studying on your own, this site helps newly arrived people begin learning Swedish: Svenska för alla, Swedish for all - - sfi - Learn Swedish (