The Municipality of Skövde offers you and your child quality childcare and education including Daycare Centers/Preschools that will meet your child´s special needs.

The Educational Department offers both municipal daycare/preschools and independent daycare/preschools 

Children have the right to attend daycare/preschools, if their parents are working, studying, seeking employment or are on parental leave 

Please note that you should apply for preschool 6 months prior to desired start date. The Municipality is obliged to grant you a place 4 months after your application date.  

Please list 3 different alternatives when you apply for daycare/preschool. This will give you a better chance to be placed at a Daycare
Center/preschool of your own choice.  
Please note, you may not receive your first choice initially. 

To apply for daycare/preschool please fill out this form:
Link to the form.

If you would like to locate the nearest preschool to your home address, please use the map.
Link to the map.

Rules and fees

Please read the information abour rules and fees that apply in our English preschool folder.
Link to  Information abourt childcare.

List of preschools

List of preschools in the Municipality of Skövde
Link to preschools

Mother Tongue Tuition

Children attending preschool or preschool class cannot be granted Mother Tongue Tuition. The Municipality can offer language support in Finish upon a pupil or caregiver’s request.


Please contact the Municipality Contact Center if you need additional information or have questions!