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Playlab 2023

Founded in June of 2022, PlayLab supports community innovation in games, technology, and performing arts.

PlayLab is co-led by Lars Kristensen and Rebecca Rouse, in collaboration with the University of Skövde (Högskolan i Skövde), Youth Culture House of Skövde (Kulturlabbet), and Skövde Art Museum. 

PlayLab is located on the upper floor of the Kulturlabbet facility at Eric Ugglas Plats 1, 541 50 Skövde. 

Here is what we mean by games, technology, and performing arts at PlayLab:

Games (structures)

Experiences that centre play as an interaction mode, social aesthetics, and often include boundary systems like rules 

Technology (objects)

Digital or mechanical systems for experience design that have a performative nature, revealed through human interaction with these systems and the system’s response 

Performing Arts (people) 

Artistic traditions that focus on the human body as an expressive medium and highlight performative aesthetics

PlayLab Mission Statement

At PlayLab we value incompleteness and work in progress aesthetics as productive and necessary for creative innovation, including within the organization itself, which should always remain in progress and growth.

PlayLab has a focus on inclusion across all categories of identity but also with specific attention to the inclusion of youth and across class boundaries, meaning PlayLab is financially accessible to the broadest possible group of people.

Projects presented at PlayLab should exhibit openness to critical perspectives and boundary crossing. Partnerships with industry or other actors with access to wealth must be structured to give back to the PlayLab community in equal fashion to what they gain from the collaboration (ie, donation, technology, etc.)

How to Apply

Answer our application questions in 1 page or less and submit to (at) Applications are reviewed by our board twice annually, in May and November. 

Application for PlayLab

Please answer the following questions in one page or less and submit to



Who are you?

What would you like to do at PlayLab?

How is your project a good fit for the PlayLab mission?

Why is your project relevant today?

What qualifications do you have to make your idea a reality?

What resources do you need?